Friday, 5 February 2016

OK True Believers!! let's go...

Looking forward to heading back to Cheltenham Racecourse tomorrow for the True Believers comic festival. Had a good time last year and the buzz around this years con has been building and building so I'm hopeful it's going to be a good day.

Be nice to meet up with friends again and get the comic creating buzz back which I've lost of late.

I'll be selling copies of Midnight Man (just took receipt of the third!! printing of the book yesterday again great service by Rich Hardiman of Comic Printing UK - can't recommend this guy enough) Andy-Thology, both Wolfmen books, prints and original art.

Again I'll have special 'limited edition' sketchpacks of Midnight Man available, which, along with the regular comic contain a mini A5 print, badge and an original sketched card. All for just £6!!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Midnight Man gets an 'honourable mention' from Curiosity of a Social Misfit

Back to business, and nice to notice that Patrick Scattergood over at the Curiosity of a Social Misfit site gave Midnight Man an 'honourable mention' in the best graphic novels of 2015 category for his end of year awards.

Considering the amount of books published, I consider that an award it itself, so thanks very much Patrick!

You can check the post out here!

Nice to see my friends over at Accent UK get a few mentions and a runner up spot for Stephenson's Robot #1 (which features my design work) as best comic book! Well done guys.

Monday, 11 January 2016

RIP Simon Bloor

I wanted to pay my own tribute here to my dear brother Simon, who sadly passed away November 15th 2015, aged just 45.

My thoughts go to his wife, Elizabeth and his three children, Alex, Benjamin and Joseph.

It was thanks to Simon that I got into drawing, as he was much better than me growing up and I wanted to draw like him. He got me into comics too and he too was very fond of sci-fi, especially Star Trek.

Not a day goes by where I don't think of him, and I wanted to write these words just to say that I miss him terribly. RIP my dear brother.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Just got back from a fab (but tiring) Thought Bubble convention (full report on that later in the week) but just wanted to post the news that 'Andy-Thology' came back from the printers in good time and made its debut at the show.

Rich Hardiman at Comic Printing UK has done a fantastic job on the book, so much so that I had a lot of comments enquiring as to who printed it!

If you want a copy, it's now up for sale on my online shop

Thursday, 5 November 2015

ANDY-THOLOGY debuts at Thought Bubble 2015!!

Providing no last minute hiccups (like last year) my anthology book Andy-Thology- will make its debut at Thought Bubble.

Book is now in the hands of Rich Hardiman at Comic Printing UK (who did such a good job of my Midnight Man reprint), new banner & posters on the way. Almost there, just a few more bits to do yet.

The book features reprints some of my most favorite short stories (all re-lettered) that I've done over the years, plus a couple of new strips, along with some pinup and cover art too.

The book's contents is as follows:

'Zombies' by Kieron Gillen
'The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo' by John Reppion & Leah Moore
'Robot' By Kieron Gillen
'The Men Who Built The West' by Kieron Gillen
'Skin Deep' by Mo Ali
'Diablo Undone' (new) by John Reppion & Leah Moore
'Midnight Man: Stitch'n Time' (new) by Mo Ali

I'm very lucky to have an introduction written By Kieron Gillen, and also an afterword by John Reppion too. I'm very happy with how the book looks and can't wait to see printed copies.

Also, my good friend Vince Hunt (creator of the fabulous 'Red Mask from Mars') have collaborated on a special print that is exclusive to Thought Bubble (see above). We've also something else special planned too regarding that artwork, more on that very soon.

You can catch me in New Dock Hall, table 129 on the 14/15 November, see you there where I'll have copies of Andy-Thology, Midnight Man (regular books and limited sketchpacks), prints and original artwork. See you there.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Where has the year gone??

Thought it about time I gave my unloved blog a little attention!

This year seems to have gone so quick, and although it's not been the best year creatively for me, the attention to Midnight Man has grown and grown. I've gotten the best reviews I've ever got, and getting positive comments from industry legends like John McCrea (Hitman, Dicks, Mythic) only make things better! You can see from my shameless 'pull quote' sheet above that I really am incredibly lucky to have so many positive comments.

I recently did a con in Birmingham at the start of September. ICE was run by Shane Chebsey (founder of the Smallzone network and organised the BICS cons years back) and was a good, fun day. Helped by meeting up with old and new friends such as Red Mask from Mars creator, Vince Hunt, Descending Outlands creator Shaun Dobie, West good guys Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable and also Kill Screen/Samurai Slasher genius Mike Garley.

Biggest moment of the day was talking to someone who expressed an interest in my work (to be fair I have had lots of nice things said about my stuff since doing cons solo). He threw me by asking me how much for *ALL* my Midnight Man pages! Completely taken aback I didn't know what to say. He ended up buying the book and a page which was great. I've since been in touch with him and completed a deal that resulted in him buying all my pages (something that has never happened to me before) and thanks to his generosity will help fund further books, so I can't thank him enough.

All in ICE was a fantastic con, good sales and feedback on the book and of course, meeting someone who bought all my pages, so not a bad day :-)

My table is confirmed for the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds on the 14/15 November. I had a great time last year and can't wait to go back and meet up with friends. Hopefully with no last minute printing nightmares this time!

Due to Midnight Man being a year old (again how time flies!) I decided it would be good to have something new to sell for the weekend. So I'm producing an anthology compilation of the best short stories I drew for the Accent UK anthologies. The ones where I was lucky to draw scripts from writers of the calibre of Kieron Gillen and John Repppion & Leah Moore.

I have re-lettered all the strips but resisted temptation to redraw stuff as although the work is old (and could easily be improved), it's best to let them stand as they are. To add some new material I have added a new strip written by John and Leah and also Mo has provided a fun little 2 page Midnight Man strip that I'm rushing to get done in time!

To complete the book I've included some of my favourtite pinup/cover art I've done over the years and the book will have a nice colour section in it, so (hopefully) it will look like a nice book to have.

More on that soon, but in the meantime, Vince Hunt (mentioned above ) does a very cool podcast about small press comics, called the 'Awesome Comics Podcast', it's well worth your time as they have some fab guests on and they recommend some really good books (and it's guaranteed to make you smile).

You can find it here!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Another Midnight Man review!

They're like buses at the moment aren't they?

Alasdair Stuart at the Travelling Man blog has given us a right cracker:

Travelling Man Review

After all the hard work that went into this book, it's so rewarding for Mo and myself to see so many people liking it.

Currently booking some cons for later in the year. One confirmed is of course, Thought Bubble for November.

Had such a good time last year it'll be great to go back. Hoping to have something new for the table as well as copies of Midnight Man, prints, artwork and the like.

More on that soon, watch this space!