Friday, 7 August 2009

Whatever Happened to the World's Fastest Man

Finally finished my pinup for the book this week and just a little bit of work to do on the interior design of the book and we're there I think. Needless to say the reviews this has been getting are well deserved for both Dave and Marleen... and although my contribution is only a small one in the book, I'm still really, really happy to be in it.

The look of the book is like no other comic I think, and both Dave and I have worked very hard to get this right... I think this will surprise many people when they see it (fingers crossed of course!).

There's a very nice film 'story' in it too that I couldn't help but smile when Dave sent it over :-)

As a little insight into my work (for those interested) above shows the various stages of the pinup.

Pencils first, scanned in and then I inked some bits in illustrator then imported them into photoshop and then printed the whole page out (at 30% cyan, slightly larger scale) and did the majority of the inking the old fashioned way. Finally, the art was scanned back in and greytoned in my very basic style that works for my stuff I think.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it... doesn't hold a candle to Marleens' superb work, but what can?


Laughing Indio said...

Thats gooood squisheee!
Bang on Andy love it, its really doom laden.

Andy Bloor said...

Cheers Indio... glad you like it!

Dave West said...

I will have this for my collection of original comic art ... remember ... I know where you live :o)

shane oakley said...

lo,andy. much impressed with your composition, very strong and moody, composed like a movie poster -brill!

Dave West said...

Hey people .. stop praising it already ... it's just increasing its value ... and cost to me ... I must have it ...

Andy Bloor said...

Thanks Shane, that means a lot coming from you... cheers. Dave... LOL!

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