Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rule of thumb (pain)

No artwork to show this week - I have done a page or so but can't really show anything - they're probably not my best work so I'll keep them secret until the book comes out.

This is currently a little up in the air due to a recurrent problem I have with the thumb on my drawing hand, I've had this on and off for a few years now but just recently I have felt it troubling me and in this last week it's really become painful so I've stopped for a while.

The doctor said it was a form of arthritis... but I may go back to see if that's still the case. The joint is quite swollen and hurts when I press down, and as I press down quite hard while inking this is where the issue lies.

An option is to go all digital and ink on the computer, I'm not sure how I feel about this as I spend all my working day glued to a Mac and I don't much fancy the idea of doing it at home as well. Add to the fact that I like working on paper this is probably a no-no.

I'm hoping it will go better on it's own, or with a visit to the doctor and maybe some physio... time will tell, I just hope this won't mean the end.


Mo Ali said...

Hey Andy,

hope its not serious, thinking medicinal thoughts for you etc..

take care,


Owen Michael Johnson said...

Hey Andy,
sorry to hear about your thumb. I hope it doesn't affect you in the long-time...for your own health and also selfishly because i can't bear not reading wolfmen vol. 3. :)

Andy Bloor said...

Cheers for the comment guys, and Owen - there would be a wolfmen 3 no matter what :-)

Dave West said...

Phew ... Wolfmen 3 ... wait a minute ... 'no matter what' ... not sure I like the sound of that ...

Doc Zane said...

Man, I hope it gets better Andy. Sorry to hear it.

David said...

Oh crap that doesn't sound great Andy. I can sympathise though, as I've more than doubled my output this last year, more time at the drawing board has led to me also feeling some kind of strain, probably arthritic too as my mum suffers badly with it. Mine seems to be my index knuckle---I certainly see a difference when I've spent the weekend drawing....yet another sign of getting old eh! That hilltop is getting closer and closer, soon I'll be over it! No news from the Millar thing, but thanks for putting my stuff forward anyhow.