Friday, 4 February 2011

Not much to report...

Been a while since I blogged anything... truth is I haven't done much to blog about.

Been doing some illustrations for work for a children's book for a local renewable energy company... been good fun and a bit of a change to work in a more cartoony style (and colour) this time. When it's done and printed I'll post some of it here.

Nervously waiting for the order to come from Diamond for Fall of the Wolfmen. Had some great feedback and comments about the book which shows people are liking it and want to see more.

I've done a new logo for Ed Kaye's Hypergeek site which you can check out here

Lastly I'm pretty sure what book I'm doing next too, it's with my usual partner in crime Mr Dave West so look for an announcement very soon!

Going to be doing some warm up doodles and sketches to try and get back into drawing (as I haven't done any comic stuff since November) so might pop them up here too if they're any good.

1 comment:

Dave West said...

Cool Logo ... can't wait to see our new collaboration developing ... and yep .. you're not the only one nervously waiting for Diamond numbers for Fall Of The Wolfmen ...