Monday, 20 February 2012

Guerillas Pinup!

I was really honoured to be asked to contribute a pinup to Brahm Revel's superb 'Guerillas' book published by Oni Press. if you've never read it, I strongly recommend you track a copy of it down. Monkey soldiers in Vietnam - that description alone should be enough to get you to buy it, but behind that killer hook is a great story and some stunning artwork.

My pinup will be going into Vol2, which is due to debut at the San Diego Comic Con. Again I always looks at what I've done and wish I could have done better - especially when I was told who the other pinup artists where. Luckily he didn't tell me that after I'd sent my pic in :-)

I'm in fantastic company, superb artists all of them - I just hope my effort doesn't stand out too much (in a bad way of course).


Dan Nash said...

That is a brilliant pic Andy! very sinister and really creepy!

Dave West said...

You should see the one that'll appear in the comic ... fab.