Monday, 5 March 2012

2OMBIES in new Previews!

ZOMBIES 2 or 2OMBIES as we've called it is finally in this months Previews catalogue.

The follow up to the sold-out 2007 anthology is a mighty fine collection of all things undead, and features many fine writers and artists (and me). It's very important if possible for you to order it from your local shop, as this gets us a good order with Diamond and also lets them know there is a market (and interest) for our books.

I teamed up with my Wolfmen partner-in-crime Dave West for a little tale called 'Survival' where I was joined by photoshop master Steve Howard in toning my pages (as I wanted something a little more 'rendered' than my usual style I tone in.

The order code is: STK463749

In other news, I've just completed the cover design for the Josiah Black book that Dave is working on with Gary Crutchley.

I think Gary isn't far off completing the art for the 1st issue, and once Dave tweaks the script, Gary will letter it and send the pages to me for me to put together and complete the design of the book. There are some 'backmatter' pages for me to do this time which should be a lot of fun, these will help expand the world that's been created.

I've been lucky enough to sit in with both Dave and Gary and hear some of the ideas they're got for this series and it's going to knock your socks off!

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