Thursday, 19 May 2016

Birmingham Comic Festival thoughts...

It's been a while, about time I posted my thoughts on the recent Birmingham Con.

Getting there and setting up was easy, organisation was good as was the venue, sadly the 2 hour 'early bird' idea wasn't and it took a while before anyone bought anything - I don't think it was just us, speaking to others there it seemed very slow!

Luckily it did pick up and we sold some books, not as many as I'd liked. I had periods of being pretty busy then others where it was very quiet. Had lots of nice feedback on the books and my work but all in all the con was a bit of a damb squib for me, and a pretty long day too! I was quite glad to pack up and go home truth be told.

It was nice to meet up with super artist (and all round nice guy) Chris Imber and to catch up with Jason Cobley (making his first con appearance for years with his wonderful 'Amnesia Agents' book) but looking back on it, it wasn't the event I had hoped, and although great to see Mums and Dads bring their kids along (most dressed as superheroes) it does seem that maybe indie comics were not what they were expecting.

For those that did well, I'm pleased for you. If I continue with the self publishing into next year (which I am deciding about) then this is one con I will leave off the list.

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