Friday, 18 April 2008

Robots Sketchbook

Currently working on the sketchbook for the Bristol Con, this was my entry... done a few months ago but still quite happy with it. Nice to get back to biro drawings too.

We had the numbers from Diamond for Robots - quite disappointing really, looks like it's up to Dave and Colin to sell as many as possible at Bristol and later on Copenhagen.

We went through the proofs from the printers the other night, and as all is ok, it should be being printed next week, all very exciting... fingers crossed everyone else likes it too.


Woolf said...

Nice art m8. Reminds me of the Man Plus biro edition. GR8 Blogger. I love the Banner at the top. Cool words in Whatever 2. I wonder whose strip they might b onna bout.



Andy Bloor said...

I think I know...

Thanks for the reply mate... speak soon!