Monday, 12 May 2008

My first Bristol Con...

Well, I took the plunge and made it to the Bristol Con on Saturday.

My thoughts? It was ok, when I finally got there after getting 2 trains (and lugging a bag with my sketched in ROBOTS copies and also my portfolios with me) and having quewed up for something like 20 minutes to get it my first impression was that it was packed! Wandered around aimlessly trying to find the Accent UK guys, when I finally did spot them (thanks to my banners) I settled down and caught up with the guys.

Sales weren't as good as last year when we launched ZOMBIES, but it was nice to meet up with people who had some nice things to say about my work and also saying how much they enjoyed WOLFMEN, which was very cool. I signed some copies of my books, and went in search of some of my artistic heroes, unfortuntately most seemed to have gone early, or were at another venue signing, which was a bit poor really, as that wasn't made clear (at least not to me).

Finally met up with John Reppion and Leah Moore, my collaborators on ROBOTS, always nice to be able to put faces to the names, and they're such nice people it was a pleasure to meet up and have a chat. John's from Liverpool and described my stuff as 'Boss' which always makes me smile... we're hoping to join up an another story soon which I would jump at the chance to do.

Met Paul (Jack Staff) Grist, a thoroughly nice chap, and also got a page of artwork from Charlie (Walking Dead) Adlard, who also did me a WOLFMEN sketch which we will use in the next book. Charlie is an amazing artist, the sketches that he did for people were just brilliant, and he's so fast too... kind of makes you sick really :-) He said  some nice comments about my art in WOLFMEN too, which took me by surprise...

Also, caught up again with Kieron Gillen, who may yet do me a story for WESTERN, next years anthology, but as he's mega busy this may or not happen. I'm pleased for him though as he's a great guy and I've really enjoyed working with him. Sounds like he has some cool things lined up, so I'll be watching out for those with interest.

At the end of the day I was quite glad to get home, the heat giving me a headache on the way home didn't help... that'll teach me to drink more water!

If my some miracle I happen to get WOLFMEN 2 finished for the next one I'll go back next year, if not... well, we'll see. It was fun, but total chaos in places.

Next one: Birmingham in October/November... expect more of the same :-)

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