Thursday, 29 May 2008

Phonogram 2

I feel very lucky to be able to mention that I am doing a short 2 page story in Phonogram 2.

Phonogram was one of the best new series to debut last year from Image Comics. Written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Jamie McKelvie, this six part series dealt with the premise that "music is magic' and features Phonomancer David Kohl and the era of music called Britpop (remember that?)

It was through reading Phonogram that I someone managed to bag Kieron to write some short stories for us for the anthologies. He very kindly asked me to do one of the shorts in volume 2 (there are other artists contributing too, so will have to step up my game) I didn't need to be asked twice so probably the best new thing, comic wise, that's happened to me.

The trade collecting volume 1 of Phonogram is out now, and you can get it from Forbidden Planet stores, Amazon and your local comic shop. It's a great read and well worth your time and money.

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