Thursday, 20 November 2008

Best Wolfmen review... EVER!!!

This made my day, best review we've had I think... from the well respected and established Comics (formerly Silver Bullet Comic Books) Bulletin.

I'm having a blast drawing Kieron's superb story for Western, the next Accent UK anthology so I will be the books to follow for sure... now to convince Kieron to write me some more stories :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Mammoth Book of Zombies and other stuff...

Totally forgot about this, but a while back Kieron and I were asked if we would mind if our entry in the Accent UK anthology 'Zombies' would be reprinted in a huge book about... Zombies!!

We both had no problems with it, and neither did Dave (West, AUK editor)... so we signed our permission slip and promptly forgot all about it... until now.

The book is out as I type this and a few other AUK tales are reprinted too... Indio, Gary Crutchley, Jon Ayre and One Necks too... and at the end is our little tale... possibly one of my favourite things I've ever done, and I'll always be eternally grateful for Kieron producing such a great story when he didn't know me from Adam.

It's available here, there and everywhere, Amazon, Waterstones etc... the link here is for

Here's editor David Kendall talking a little bit about it too.

Oh... and my retirement from drawing may be a little premature... I'm currently taking it as far as my current commitments and seeing how it all goes, so watch this space.

I am going to re-start a children's book written by a friend at work, Nigel Pye, just after Christmas and we hope to take it to a few publishers. Everyone who's read it agrees it would make a great book (I did start it once but wasn't happy with the work I did) so this time it will be much better.

More news soon.