Friday, 19 December 2008

Phonogram 1 sells out!

According to Comics Bulletin, well done to both Kieron and Jamie on this. I haven't had chance to get the issue yet, but I'm told I have a copy saved by Dan the comics man at Millennium Comics in Northwich (my local cs).

By way of saying 'well done' to the both of them, here's a panel from my 2 page B-side (due to appear in issue 5 I think), showing Kohl having a swift one...

Friday, 5 December 2008

A Change of Heart, well sort of..

Decided to carry on with old comics malarky as least for the time being.

Thanks to those of you who who sent me words of encouragement, I don't deny its bloody hard at the moment to even pick a pencil up, but I am hopeful of it getting better, so I'm gonna carry on and contribute to the AUK anthologies (for as long as Dave will have me) and will finish Wolfmen 2. The third and final book of the trilogy I will do at some point, but I thinking of doing a longer-but-smaller book in between the two.

Dave and I have talked about resurrecting my old Business characters from my old A5 mini-comics and I'm very excited about it... so that might be the next thing I do after WM2.

I'm also thinking of putting together a book of all my old mini-comics (Business, Sundown and ESPD) into a little hardback book... of course no one may buy them and I'll be left with a stack of them but at least they'll look nice :)

In other news finally finished and sent off my 2 page Phonogram B-side... I think I'm due to appear in issue 5.

Much thanks again to Kieron for giving me this chance, I'll never forget it! Also thanks to Jamie McKelvie for his help getting the pages correct and for lettering them up for me.

Can't wait to see it, issue 1 is due out next week... go and buy it!!!