Friday, 20 March 2009

WESTERN - back from the printers!!!

And there's the proof!!

What a nightmare this book has been (from a production point of view anyway) so I'm glad that it's all done and can now - hopefully - be a good seller for Accent UK.

It's a great book and if you enjoyed our other anthologies I think you'll like this one too.

At the moment Diamond distribution is unknown but copies will soon be going into shops we have a special relationship with (like Dan at Millennium Comics) and are, of course, available from the website

Righto, I've got my pinup image for Insomnia Publications Layer Zero: Choices anthology to finish, plus another pinup for Dave's Strange Times collection... lots on!


Anonymous said...

You've worked your magic yet again .. the latest three anthologies all look fab ... hard to pick between them but I think this looks the best .. great design work .. cheers ... Dave W

Gary Crutchley said...

You should be pretty damned proud of yourself Andy as this is one fine book.