Friday, 24 April 2009

Another day, another review... ZOMBIES!!!

Yep, another review from the fine folk at Comics Bulletin.

Not sure I agree with a lot of what he says here, as I think this is still a very strong collection of stories, but he likes my work so I'll let him off :-)

In other news, recently Kieron and I were contacted by 2 film students from Derby who wanted to film our story in 'Zombies'... called 'Zombies' strangely enough. We both thought this was very cool and gave them permission to do so.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing the results... hopefully we'll be able to post it on the Accent UK site... until then, watch this space for 'Zombies: The Movie'!

1 comment:

Laughing Indio said...

Now lookee here.... a film based on your work all ready??? Praise aint coming much higher than that Andy!!!
Well done.