Thursday, 7 May 2009

Strange Times

Dave West produces a brilliant little weekly webcomic (available for free on the Accent UK website) called 'Strange Times'.

Now I'm helping him produce a hardcover A5 collected edtion that will reprint all these strips and with all new material (and I believe Dave is taking this opportunity to correct a few niggly things with some of the strips that you get sometimes with having to do a strip a week) and of course some pinup art too.

He asked me to do one and in typical fashion (for me anyway) it's taken longer than I wanted to get it done. Yesterday I finally finished it and here it is... presented along with the original doodle.

The book also features some superb art from Garen Ewing, Shane Oakley and Indio to name but a few.

I imagine that after Bristol is over we will be getting this done, dusted and off to the printers.

Speaking of Bristol, there's an off chance I might be going... watch this space.

1 comment:

Dave West said...

That's a fabulous pin up .. thanks .. it'll look great in the book ... hmmmm ... maybe too great ... it'll show up my etchings .... :o)