Monday, 1 June 2009

Western in Previews

Yep, considering Diamond's current stance with regards small press comics/publishers, we at AUK headquarters all feel pretty chuffed that Western got accepted to Previews and is in the June issue (so go pester your local comic dealer to order a copy... or two... or three).

Now it still has to meet their new minimum order threshold so the hard work isn't done yet, infact Dave is busy emailing US stores with a link for them to download a full pdf file I created so they can see the quality of the book and hopefully put some orders in. Fingers crossed!

I'm hoping there might be some art to show on this art blog soon... I'm now working on Dave's Strange Times collected edition, some more Wolfmen 2 art (and the last page I did is probably the worst thing I've drawn for quite some time... hopefully I can correct some of it when I come to ink it) and I still have this pinup for Fastest Man to do, which I'm going to get around to doing very soon. I've got an idea for a pinup for Predators (next years Accent UK anthology) that I want to get moving on too. Lots on as usual.

I'm also deciding what my next project might be after Wolfmen 2... I think a break from that would do me good and enable me to come back refreshed for the third and final book... I've got a great script from Dave that's a possibility. I've also been talking to Cy Dethan, the talented writer behind Insomnia's superb Cancertown book (that's understandably getting a lot of positive buzz) about the chance of doing something too.