Monday, 13 July 2009

Long time no blogging...

Well... has it been that long for the 3 people that read this blog? Yes it has... to be honest I kind of forgot all about it until today and thought I'd best update it a little with what's been going on.

Harry & Alfie celebrated their first birthday on the 26th April... can't quite believe how quick the last year has gone! They're turning into proper little boys now too, which means burping, farting and causing poor mummy and daddy loads of mischief! Bless' em :-)

Western has got accepted by Diamond which is great news, there's more news on the Accent UK website... orders didn't quite hit the threshold but they allowed it anyway, which is great for getting the book into as many hands as possible and also that it means we can print both 'Whatever Happened to the World's Fastest Man?' and 'Man of Glass'. Superb news for all concerned.

Pencilling on Wolfmen 2 is finally done and I'm now on the orduous task of inking it all... and corrected stuff that didn't look right the first time. I will post some work in progress on here as soon as I get stuck in and get some pages under my belt. I'm inking slightly smaller this time in an effort to speed up the process. I'm also leaving black areas blank as well to be filled with photoshop ink... which will please my poor suffering Pitt pens for using them up too quickly!

Also part way through my pinup for the 'Fastest Man' book, and have also completed all the design work on Dave's 'Strange Times' book... it's a fine looking book and a real testament to Dave's skill as a writer and artist... I'm sure all of you who enjoyed it online and from his little mini-comics will look having it as a collectable hardcover book. I know I will. We just have to give it the final once over and upload it to the printers and let them do their bit. Very exciting stuff.

I'm also got a pinup for next years anthology 'Predators' in production, and have done the cover design for 2011's anthology 'Victoriana' which you can see on the AUK website. The cover was drawn by the mighty Dave Hitchcock, and it was a pleasure to do it too. Dave is without a doubt one of the best artists I've ever met. If there was any justice he'd be working on Hellboy or Batman... you can check out his stuff by following the link to his blog on the right hand side of the page.

Long time friend of Accent UK, Dwight MacPherson had a strip entered in the Zuda Comics competition and only went and won it! Many congrats to Dwight and the rest of the team... which would be yours truly as well, as 'Sidewise' features a logo design by me. Great stuff.

Speaking of 'Predators', I'm very lucky to be working with John Reppion and Leah Moore on a story for this, and I couldn't finish this post without wishing the most heartfelt congratulations to both John and Leah as they are expecting a little addition to the Moore-Reppion household later this year. The very best to you all.

Phew! glad that's over... more soon... promise :-)


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Dave West said...

About time you posted to your blog.. me and the other two were getting a bit annoyed :o)

Good news all round ... and a great design on that logo ...