Friday, 25 September 2009

More wolfmen!

Mainly as this is what I'm working on primarily - when I've done some work on stuff for Predators and the other top-secret project I'm working on with the mighty Dave West I'll post that too, just incase anyone is bored with werewolves (and who can ever really be bored with werewolves?).

This image is from an action sequence early in book 2... seems someone has shot part of this critters ear off... but who?


Laughing Indio said...

No one can get bored of Werewolves but i heard a shocker at work the other day... a young lad who has never seen or heard of An amercian Werewolf in London??? (Im getting old)
Im going to lend him it!
Positive education!
Absolutely banging image by the way Andy!

Dave West said...

Yikes ... that's one frightening image ... great stuff..
Never heard of American Werewolk in London ??? You'll be telling me next that he doesn't have a thing for Jenny Agutter !!! Is this fella from a different planet ?

shane oakley said...

if you're bored with werewolves you're bored with life!

striking and fierce image , andy.

and impressed with the page from previous post. you're obviously pushing things with the storytelling, varying the shots/angles, focusing more on the panel-to-panel flow - smooth and confidant, keep it up!

Andy Bloor said...

Cheers Shane - that means a helluva lot!

Gary Crutchley said...

Corker of an image, Andy.
Seening this and the page in the previous post previous is really wetting the appetite.
More, we is craving fer more