Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wolfmen in progress...

Had a day off work yesterday - all to myself! - and managed to ink virtually two full pages... my hand started hurting after a while, guess I'm not used to all that drawing! From one of those pages is this image, shown here as pencils/inks/tones. Only a few tweaks in this one, some I mess around with more in the inking phase. Then it goes into photoshop for more tweaks :-)

Monday, 19 October 2009

MCM Expo Guide

Accent UK will be at the MCM Expo this coming weekend, and Diamond UK gave us a whopping 4 pages in their Expo guide which you can view online here:

Basically it's a 3 page preview of 'Whatever Happened To The World's Fastest Man?' and an ad (but not an ad) page, highlighting the fact that both Wolfmen and Robots are offered again in the UK section of Novembers Previews catalogue (alongside Fastest Man which is in the USA section).

I had to come up with something that was basically an advert, but wasn't too obvious... very happy with how it turned out. There's an intentional Apple/iTunes vibe to it but works well I think.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Everybody in...

Well, another week, another page inked. This is the last panel from the most recently completed page, but I wasn't happy with the original version of this, which was to be a quick 'reused background' and just some simple figures placed over the top to try and speed things up. I tried to get it to work but didn't look right so I drew this new panel from scratch this week and am pretty happy with the results.

Sadly, I doubt this will be the last time I have to do this either!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

More BICS Pix

This time something I did for Jon Rennie... he had a very novel idea of everyone doing sketches the same size so he can run an animated banner on his website. You can check them out here:

Could have drawn the wolfman a little better but doesn't look too bad compared to the others.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Colin sneakily took this pic at BICS as I'd just finished that punk sketch and no sooner as I'd put my pens down then this queue formed!!

Was great fun - if a little terrifying - hopefully they all liked what they ended up with :-)

Got my Predators script today, a fantastically dark take by the talented Mo Ali that should be a fun challenge, hope to start that soon but need to crack on with the Wolfmen inks. No rest for the wicked!

Friday, 9 October 2009

In the dark...

Can't really show much more on the sequence I'm working on so this moody panel will have to do. Finished this page off fairly quickly despite being quite detailed in places. Still on a high from BICS so hoping to use some of that energy to get pages done quicker. Pretty happy with the results so far... time will tell if everyone else agrees.

In other news the mighty talented Gary Crutchley will be lending his talents to a Wolfmen gallery image for book 2. Some great images in so far, at this rate they're gonna be better than the main feature!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Batman BICS 2009

Here's a sketch of Batman done this weekend at BICS... after someone saw this they asked for another Batman too (as long as they bought a copy of Wolfmen :-) ... love the character, could draw him all day.

BICS 2009... a review

Well, back at work today from spending two great days at BICS over the weekend.

Aside from feeling pretty tired driving there and back both days I throughly enjoyed myself. There seemed to be less 'professional' creators this year but tbh, the show didn't really miss as it meant punters had more spare cash to buy small press/independent comics.

I was on the Accent UK stand most of the time, sharing a table with Garen Ewing - creator of the wonderful 'Rainbow Orchid'. This was the first time I met Garen and it was a pleasure to finally meet him and get him to sign and sketch in my copy of his book.

Met up and had a natter with some fellow creators there - Marleen Lowe (at her first con), Gary Crutchley (yes we must meet up soon!), Dave Hitchcock (who's Madam Samurai pages were jaw-droppingly stunning!), Chris Doherty, Kev Mullins (very nice Predators pages there Kev!!), Jason Cobley and of course, Garen.

Sales were good, and as expected 'Whatever Happened to the World's Fastest Man?' sold very well, as did 'Zombies' and 'Wolfmen' (considering the book's been out 2 years that was superb). I bought a few bits and bobs - A signed 'Grandville' from the one and only Bryan Talbot, 'Burke and Hare' from Martin Conaghan at the Insomnia stand, 'Harker' 8 from the brilliant team of Roger Gibson and Vince Danks... having 'spoken' to them on email it was a pleasure to finally meet them face to face and tell them how much I enjoy their book. And judging from their sales I wasn't the only one! Lastly I got a copy of Razorjack (and a very cool 'Wolfmen' sketch) from legendary artist John Higgins (Watchmen, Judge Dredd etc) more on that later!!

On Sunday which is normally a quieter day... I was asked to do a sketch. Now I've never done a 'live' sketch before and was a bit worried that it might turn out a bit crap... but the lad seemed to like it and before I knew it there was a queue of people all asking for sketches. I think it did 'The Shadow', 'Doctor Strange', 'Thanos' and a wolfman or two. It was great fun if a little terrifying! Dave tells me they seemed happy with the results so I'll take his word for it :-)

Certainly helped sales though, shifted a few more 'Wolfmen' which is great and bodes well for the second book out next year. I had people come up and say how much they liked my stuff and the book in particular which always helps and gives you that extra push to crack on knowing that there is an audience for what you're doing and more importantly - they like it.

Had a very nice comment from a guy from Gosh! Comics who commented on how good he thought my design was for Dave's 'Strange Times' book too, which was very nice indeed.

Overall great fun - thanks to Dave and Colin for letting me be a part of it, and also to everyone who stopped by and bought something.... see you next year!