Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wolfmen in progress...

Had a day off work yesterday - all to myself! - and managed to ink virtually two full pages... my hand started hurting after a while, guess I'm not used to all that drawing! From one of those pages is this image, shown here as pencils/inks/tones. Only a few tweaks in this one, some I mess around with more in the inking phase. Then it goes into photoshop for more tweaks :-)


Dave West said...

That looks very cool ... wow .. things are motoring now then :o)

Laughing Indio said...

Ha! Ha! Had to remove my would never have seen the word "before" spelt like it!!!
Brilliant stuff Andy as per usual.
There are masses of detail in your pencils, you really work the panels before the ink goes on dont you?
Its a real fanboy pleasure to see your art in the various stages before completion.

Andy Bloor said...

I lack confidence in the inks so tend to overwork the pencils... next time I might do things differently as I'm still spending too long on the pages.

Thanks for the comments guys, glad to know there's someone out there reading this rabble :-)