Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Horrible Snod

Created by a few years back now by my friend Nigel Pye (a very talented writer and professional journalist) and myself for a planned children's book but after starting it I abandoned it quite a few times as I wasn't happy with the artwork I'd done.

Every year I do a Snod Christmas card for family and friends, which Nigel always writes something really good and witty for then. Everyone loves them and always ask where the book is?

This last week Nigel and I decided to put the Snod on Facebook, both as a fan page and a page for himself... the response has been outstanding to say the least and everyday we get messages/emails asking about him and the book. Many people seem to think we could be on to something with him so I've decided to get stuck in on the illustrations and design for the book.

Not sure how many pictures they'll be yet... and this won't interfere with Wolfmen 2 progress but this has strangely become a priority for me out of nowhere and I can't wait to get stuck into it at last!

I will post some of the artwork and progress on the book on my blog.

I wonder what the Snod would think?


Dave West said...

This does look great Andy ... can't wait for the Wolfmen vs Snod crossover event :o)

Unknown said...

To be fair, the Horrible Snod is too miserable to take part in any kind of crossover... he'd just sulk in the corner! ;-)