Monday, 23 November 2009

Thought Bubble afterthoughts...

I volunteered my services to Dave to help him go to Leeds for the 'Thought Bubble' con on Saturday. It did mean an early start and a nearly 2 hr drive to get there, but we didn't encounter any problems bar a bit of rain and fog and a TomTom sending us the wrong way!

We were quick to set up and then played the waiting game. It was quite slow but soon picked up and we sold nearly all of what we brought with us. Met up with old friends Kev Mullins and Dave Hitchcock who shared a table with us and we could all marvel at the progress of his "Madam Samurai' book.

I ventured off to get some books signed, from most notably Frank Quitely and Ben Templesmith... both really nice guys... especially Ben whose "Wormwood: Gentlemen Corpse' book is well worth your time and money.

Also met up again with Kieron and Jamie (Phonogram)... I must have driven Kieron mad over the time he's known me with my insecurities of my work and he did write something very cool (and funny) on my Phonogram: The Singles Club 1... maybe I'll scan it and put it up here. Both really nice guys and thoroughly deserve the success they're both getting.

Picked up the latest issue of 'Criminal' from the brilliant Sean Phillips... he even remembered me from a page of artwork I bought from him. He does just keep getting better and better if that's at all possible.

Had some nice comments about Wolfmen... and people asking for the second book, which shows interest is still there. Overall the day flew by and before we knew it we had packed up and were on the road home for just after 5pm... as both Dave and myself were pretty tired and I had two little boys to see and put to bed when I got home :-)

Next stop Bristol next year, where I'm hoping I can have finished copies of 'Fall of the Wolfmen' for sale... better get inking!

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