Friday, 11 December 2009

If a job's worth doing...

Then do it twice! Finally got to the stage where I could re-do a page I originally inked quite a while back when I was working on my story for 'Western'.

The reasoning behind it was to see if I was happy inking at a smaller size than I was normally used to in an attempt to get pages done quicker... I was happy with the result but as time has gone by and with different pens I felt it best to re-ink this page so it fits better with the other pages.

Madness? probably... but it would have always bugged me had I never done it. I'm not about to cut any corners with this book so why start now?

Two pages done this week too which was good, oh and Phonogram 6 is out this week which means the next (and last) issue will feature my two page strip. I haven't looked at it for ages so I hope it still looks respectable. Gonna be a proud moment for me to see my work in an Image Comic and Phonogram in particular. I can never thank Kieron enough for the opportunity.


Gary Crutchley said...

Corker of an image, Andy.
Hopefully it'll be the motivation you need to finish the book, that I and many others want to see finished.

Unknown said...

2 pages in a week? Holy shit! and you think you work slowly???
Brilliant image, absolutely brilliant and I love your new logo!

Andy Bloor said...

Thanks guys... means a lot... and it was only inks Bradders :-)