Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A change will do you good...

Thought I'd post the full page today to the one I showed a sneek peek at the other day... feeling generous! Hope you all like it.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Phonogram & Wolfmen

Here's a panel from a recently completed page to prove that I'm still working on it and the plan is for it to be out for the middle of the year roughly. Accent UK will not be at this years Bristol Con as both Colin and Dave are off to Copenhagen for the Komiks.DK festival so that means I don't have to rush to get the book done for Bristol... not that I would have made that deadline anyway :-D... I would have tried my best though kidding aside.

More importantly the final (sniff - yes THE final ever) Phonogram issue came out today, with the 2 pages I drew way back late 2008. Looking at them again they don't look half bad and it's a total thrill for me to be in this comic with creators far more talented than myself.

I can't stop smiling whenever I look at the book... one of the best comic moments of my life for sure. Big thanks to Kieron and Jaime for letting me be part of the party. Cheers guys.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Some more Wolfmen pics!

Here are a couple of panels from a recently completed page... still a long way off getting this finished but I'm getting there, slowly!

Loads on at the moment... never been so busy - phew!!

Wolverine sketch

Just a quick sketch done yesterday, liked it enough to pop it up here :-)

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Goldfish

This was a little tale Kieron and I did for Scar Comics' 'Dead by Dawn' anthology a few years back. Kieron thought it would be fun to put it online, there's some pretty bad drawing in places but overall it's a moody and quite sad piece that I'm happy I did and hope that you all enjoy it being re-presented here.

Why they all look like naked Alan Moore's is a mystery to me too and I drew it :-)

Oh and Phonogram: The Singles Club 2.7 is out very soon... not long to go now.