Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wolfmen 3: Last of The Wolfmen!!

Like a muppet I missed the train to the Bristol Con but seeing as that weekend was as hot as the sun I'm kind of glad I didn't go afterall. Could have done without losing the money but that's life isn't it?

Really hoping to get Wolfmen done for early July and out in August all being well, then it's a mad rush to finish my Predators strip and pinup and then nothing!! Will be taking some well earned time off to recharge my batteries and catch up on a backlog of comics and films that I haven't watched. Bliss!

Then the hard work starts again on Wolfmen 3, where I can officially reveal the title to be "Last of The Wolfmen' as dreamt up by Dave and myself on the way to Thought Bubble last year. Sounds perfect for the book and the plot we worked out is great and a fitting finale to the story.

It will be done quicker then book 2 as well - promise :-)