Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The finish line!

At last I have completed the inks to 'Fall of the Wolfmen!'

No euphoria here just relief to finally finish it, there is some way to go however... Dave has to work his magic scripting the pages, it then has to be lettered and proofed several times before going to print. There is also the small matter of a wraparound cover to do as well for it that will be a special edition strictly for signings and conventions.

The book will be launched at Whatever Comics in Canterbury... probably late August, early September. And will of course be available at BICS in October.

I thought I'd feel better about it than I do to be honest, maybe it's because I've had to go straight into my long delayed 'Predators' strip and I'm under a very tight deadline to get this done in time. Having not actually drawn anything for a while I feel a bit rusty... I'm hoping it will come back soon!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

All quiet on the wolfmen front...

Sorry things have been a bit quiet here lately, trying to knuckle down and get this book finished... not far off now and then it's up to Dave to work his magic with adding the words to my scribblings... more proofing and then off to the printers. This will be happening very soon. Yes I can hardly believe it myself.

I never want to see another wolfman again... until I start book 3 :-)