Monday, 10 January 2011

Certified Cool!

Dave's blog has a much better write up on this than I could do, so pop over there if you have a spare minute to read it... here I'm just presenting the scans from both Previews US and the UK section (who have given us a great listing and added exposure by advertising the double pack).

To be classed as 'certified cool' by the US guys is great, and it must mean they've seen something in the book to warrant the tag, online I've spotted the section just for this too.

Al in all a very positive listing both in the US and especially the UK, who are always behind our books and have done us proud this time. Next stage is to wait for the orders to come in... and hope we've done enough really.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

That's one order then!

Spotted this online, a guy has picked our little book from the mountains of others available in the latest Previews, here's the link Always find it odd seeing my stuff in amongst the 'big boys' and the seasoned professionals.

Also, the very nice people of the Small Press Big Mouth website and podcast, have given us a little plug as well.

Thanks guys, it's very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fall of the Wolfmen in January Previews!

Happy new year to everyone! 2011 already... my kids will be 3 this year!!

In other news, FALL OF THE WOLFMEN is in this Months Previews catalogue, p233 (order code JAN110891)

Can't stress how important it is that if you don't have a copy (and want one) that you place an order with your local comic retailer. We need to get a good order to meet Diamond's order threshold and also to show them that there is an audience for our books not just in the UK but the USA too.

The future of further Wolfmen books is up in the air currently, but a good order with Diamond might help change that.

There have been a couple of superb reviews posted online for the book, our friends at the Tales from the Parents Basement website posted this one:

And Ed Kaye who runs the Hypergeek site, posted this just over the festive period (it made me very festive indeed!).

Next for me is a couple of anthology short stories, then hopefully a short book with Dave, as soon as we can decide what it is :-)