Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Green Wizard!

Move over Harry Potter!!

This is the cover for the children's story book I've illustrated at work. It's done for a local company that's moving into the renewable energy market and the book itself is going to be an educational tool for schools to use. Response has been very good so far and it was a fun project to do, even if there wasn't a great deal of time to work on the pictures as much as I would have liked.

We got the printed copies today and it has turned out very nice indeed.

Monday, 21 February 2011

The new Accent UK Website

Dave's created a new blog to follow all things Accent UK here and this will then be incorporated into the new website we're all currently working on.

It's very much in the early stages, but here are some preliminary designs I've done. My job is to design the basic look of the site, and this will then be given to a programmer who will 'cut up' my designs and build and code the site.

We really want the website to be more up to date, with more content on the comics themselves and also to be more closely linked to the overall design style I use for all the books we do.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Eagle Awards

It's that time again - the annual Eagle Awards are upon us and the basic nominating has begun.

This is purely to get the most popular choices down to a shortlist of 5 per catagory, and Accent UK is well featured in a few selections already (and thanks to whoever added me for 'Best Newcomer Artist'). The main one here is that "Fall of the Wolfmen' is up for 'Best British Black and White Comicbook' and if you enjoyed our little book, please take the time to vote for us.

It would be great to get to the shortlist, I just hope enough people out there genuinely liked the book enough to vote for us. If you do, here is the link.

Many thanks.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Not much to report...

Been a while since I blogged anything... truth is I haven't done much to blog about.

Been doing some illustrations for work for a children's book for a local renewable energy company... been good fun and a bit of a change to work in a more cartoony style (and colour) this time. When it's done and printed I'll post some of it here.

Nervously waiting for the order to come from Diamond for Fall of the Wolfmen. Had some great feedback and comments about the book which shows people are liking it and want to see more.

I've done a new logo for Ed Kaye's Hypergeek site which you can check out here

Lastly I'm pretty sure what book I'm doing next too, it's with my usual partner in crime Mr Dave West so look for an announcement very soon!

Going to be doing some warm up doodles and sketches to try and get back into drawing (as I haven't done any comic stuff since November) so might pop them up here too if they're any good.