Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Logo Design Commission

As I do design work for a living, I've become a bit of a specialist with custom logo designs, and have done numerous designs over the years for some customers who keep coming back to me, so they must like what they get. I also do the 'full design service' for some, which includes letterheads, business cards etc.

This recent job was from a kind soul who contacted me on twitter. His company is called 'Jurassic' and he has a fondness for our dino friends. After a few designs, he settled on this one, which later became a business card too, which I've added here.


Winston said...

Just got the Fall of the wolfmen book it's awesome had to wait 60 days for it, but was worth it. Shame the ghosts were actual humans and not actual "Ghosts" just very stealthy. Here in the states nobody has ever heard of this title at least not the four different shops i visited. Good job.

Unknown said...

awesome logo.logo design