Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fall of the Wolfmen Print

With the limited collectors cover pretty much gone for 'Fall of the Wolfmen' I thought it would be good to use the artwork for a print for future cons. I'm hoping to be at the Bristol Comic Con in a few weeks time, so the next step was to colour it. Now I pretty much suck at colours (hence the reason I did the original cover in pretty much mono with a splash of red here and there.

I asked the very talented Matt Soffe (who's doing a tremendous job colouring 'My Maker and I' a new full-colour book from Accent UK that will be out maybe towards the end of the year) if he wouldn't mind having a go at it, and look at the results! I couldn't be more happier, it looks superb!

I've just got to place the logos and find a place to get them printed now.

In other news, the fine folk of the 'Small Press Big Mouth' podcast have given a rather good review to both 'The Wolfmen' and 'Fall of the Wolfmen', you can listen to that here.

Getting back into the swing of drawing slowly and am just about to start my story for Accent UK's 'Zombies 2 (or 2ombies as I've done it on the cover) anthology. Look for that to be out later in the year. Predators, last years delayed anthology, should be out shortly, my story with Mo Ali, called 'Skin Deep' features in that book. It's a great looking book and I'm as keen as everyone to see it finally out for sale.


Dave West said...

Stunning !

Gary Crutchley said...

It'll certainly make a crackin' print, Andy.