Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Next project and Predators art

Predators, the delayed anthology from last year has been accepted by Diamond and will be in July's Previews... a lot later than we all wanted but at least it will be out soon. Feels a long time ago I completed my strip for this. 'Skin Deep' a grisly little tale written by the very talented Mo Ali is the title, and above is a little teaser for it.

The next anthology is Zombies 2 (or 2ombies) and I've done my layouts and some photo reference for my strip (written by the mighty Dave West) and will be starting that soon after I complete some pinups that I've promised people. More on those later :-)

I finally decided on my next project (and it may well be my last full length book, but I will see how things go before deciding completely) and it's probably no secret that it's the third (and last) Wolfmen book called appropriately 'Last of the Wolfmen'. Dave has written a tremendous script (after we again threw some ideas around like we did for the first 2 books) and after reading it I can't wait to draw it. He's doing some minor amends to it but I hope to start this as soon as I complete my 2ombies strip.

If any of you liked the first 2 Wolfmen books, you're gonna love the last one. It's THAT good!

Oh, shameless plug time, I've listed a piece of art on ebay - it was done originally for Insomnia's 'Choices' anthology, kind of testing the water really and see if anyone out there actually likes my stuff enough to buy it!

Anyhow the link is here: Cyborg by Andy Bloor on ebay


Gary Crutchley said...

Looking quite moody and atmospheric, Andy. Looking forward to see the rest.

Mo Ali said...

I'm looking forward to this too, but I'm biased!