Thursday, 29 September 2011

Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers Pinup!

I was keeping this under wraps until the issue came out, but since Kirk has shown it on twitter I can now show the world...or the 26 people that follow my blog :-)

Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers is an independent US comic by regular Accent UK anthology contributors Kirk Manley and Jeff Marsick. Kirk's a great guy and was really happy to be asked to do a pinup, he showed me all the ones the other artists did and it was quite daunting to start it knowing the stuff you're up against, but once I had the idea down I thought it came together very well in the end.

Big thanks again to Steve Howard who really knocked it out of the park with his tremendous colour work. The issue with my pinup in is #2 and that is to debut at the New York Comic Con in October.

You can follow Z-Girl online here

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

'AD' now for something completely different...

Been busy doing a few ads and bits and bobs lately, here's a recent ad done for the new UKOMICS (Stuart and his team who print all our books and do a bang up job on them too) magazine that will be out sometime next month. Here you can see the cover to '2OMBIES' drawn by the fabulous Garry Brown. I tweaked the colours a bit on this, added some textures to it and of course designed the logo. Can't wait to see that printed.

I've also agreed to design an anthology for Stacey Whittle (one of the hosts of the Small Press Big Mouth podcast). 'Into The Woods: A Fairytale Anthology' will contain stories by some very talented folk indeed. It sounds a great little project and I'm happy to be a part of it. I'm also contributing a pinup too. You can find more about that here on Stacey's blog.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Wolfmen join the Babble Project

I didn't have chance to blog about this last as I was off from work and with no mac at home (it's very poorly and has to be sent away for, sadly, expensive treatment) I wasn't able to.

Babble is an upcoming graphic novel by regular Accent UK anthology contributors, Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle (whose story in Predators was my absolute favourite) and is to published by the fine folks at Com.X. I've always had a real love of Com.X's books, and the fact that they're design guys really influenced the way I tackle Accent's books and if my books are anywhere near as polished as theirs I'll be a happy bunny. Needless to say Babble will look one fine book, both in art and design work when printed and I couldn't be happier for both Lee and Bryan.

Lee asked me to take part in what's been called 'The Babble Project' and you can see my Wolfmen themed contribution above. It was a great thing to be asked to do and I really enjoyed the chance to draw a Wolfman character again (for the first time this year!).

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Once Upon A Time In The West...

Dave West and I developed a nice gritty little 'Western Noir' comic a while back, After chucking a few ideas around Dave wrote a great script and the plan was for me to draw it. Sadly I don 't have much free time these days, so it was with great reluctance that I had to pass the project onto someone else.

Although, this isn't all bad news... the best part is my good friend (and the incredibly talented and prolific) Gary Crutchley has agreed to grab this book by the horns and draw it - along with the other 86 comic projects he has on the go :-D

I couldn't be more happier that Gary has stepped in and I can't wait to see him bring it to life. The plan is to do more books with the characters if the first one goes down well, which I'm sure it will. We're planning on a very specific look for the book too, which if it works out will look fabulous.

The image above was my test image I did - the idea came to me and I just had to draw it up (even though I'm not doing the book anymore) and finish it. I even did the colours too, which I was actually pretty happy with. Hope y'all like it.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

That was the BICS that was...

A much smaller affair than last year but still good fun and a chance to catch up with friends.

That was basically my BICS 2011 this year, which finally saw the debut of Accent UK's much delayed anthology 'PREDATORS' seen here in all it's fuzzy glory (photo nicked from the Accent UK blog). Reaction to the book has been tremendous, and sold pretty well on the day (even though our position in the hall wasn't the best) but it was outsold by the Wolfmen books I believe which I was very happy about, as even now both books continue to sell and pick up new fans.

All in all it was a very good day and great to meet up and chat with Dave Hitchcock, Gary Crutchley, Owen Johnson, Tony Hitchman, Kev Mullins and Jason Cobley.

No Thought Bubble for me this year, so this was my last con for 2011, good one to finish on I think.