Thursday, 8 September 2011

Once Upon A Time In The West...

Dave West and I developed a nice gritty little 'Western Noir' comic a while back, After chucking a few ideas around Dave wrote a great script and the plan was for me to draw it. Sadly I don 't have much free time these days, so it was with great reluctance that I had to pass the project onto someone else.

Although, this isn't all bad news... the best part is my good friend (and the incredibly talented and prolific) Gary Crutchley has agreed to grab this book by the horns and draw it - along with the other 86 comic projects he has on the go :-D

I couldn't be more happier that Gary has stepped in and I can't wait to see him bring it to life. The plan is to do more books with the characters if the first one goes down well, which I'm sure it will. We're planning on a very specific look for the book too, which if it works out will look fabulous.

The image above was my test image I did - the idea came to me and I just had to draw it up (even though I'm not doing the book anymore) and finish it. I even did the colours too, which I was actually pretty happy with. Hope y'all like it.