Monday, 19 September 2011

The Wolfmen join the Babble Project

I didn't have chance to blog about this last as I was off from work and with no mac at home (it's very poorly and has to be sent away for, sadly, expensive treatment) I wasn't able to.

Babble is an upcoming graphic novel by regular Accent UK anthology contributors, Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle (whose story in Predators was my absolute favourite) and is to published by the fine folks at Com.X. I've always had a real love of Com.X's books, and the fact that they're design guys really influenced the way I tackle Accent's books and if my books are anywhere near as polished as theirs I'll be a happy bunny. Needless to say Babble will look one fine book, both in art and design work when printed and I couldn't be happier for both Lee and Bryan.

Lee asked me to take part in what's been called 'The Babble Project' and you can see my Wolfmen themed contribution above. It was a great thing to be asked to do and I really enjoyed the chance to draw a Wolfman character again (for the first time this year!).

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