Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Messing about...

Found an old piece of art done for Wolfmen that I never used today... and I saw something in it now that I obviously didn't then and have used it for a mock up cover for the last Wolfmen book 'Last of the Wolfmen'. Now I haven't even started the new book yet (blame loss of confidence/no time/motivational issues - any of the former) but I think it works pretty well as a nice bold, graphic cover.

Back to pinups again, and finishing off one for Stacey Whittle's 'Into The Woods' anthology (which I'm also designing) and about to start one for Dave West and Steve Holders superb 'Robot Shorts' book, again which I'm also designing and in between all of that putting the finishing touches to '2ombies' and also creating iPad versions of both Wolfmen books for Lush Comics. Phew!!

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