Friday, 4 November 2011

The Wolfmen movie!!

Many people have said over the years that 'The Wolfmen' book by Dave West and myself would make a good film. Dave and I of course agree, and if any film people are out there reading this please get in touch and give us loads of money. Thank you :-)

I thought mocking up a poster would be a fun exercise and after taking suggestions from friends who the stars would be I set about it. Wanted it to keep the British feel so all the actors and director) are British too.

I thought it came out ok in the end, some of the photoshopping is a bit iffy in places due to what I could find to work with, but from the comments I've got online from it so far, a lot of you seem to like it.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Wolfmen & Fall of the Wolfmen enter the digital age!

The Wolfmen and Fall of the Wolfmen have entered the digital age and are now available on the iPad through the Lush Comics app.

I've just recently got an iPad myself and will take the plunge in trying some comics digitally very soon. But it's great to see our comics up here and hopefully selling well.

Lush Comics have already published Dave and Marleen's 'Whatever Happened to the World's Fastest Man?' and are really into indie comics, it is this that persuaded Dave to go with them as he felt our books would get lost in amongst all the top publishers on Comixology.

In other news '2OMBIES' is nearly done and I'm also done doing all the design and production work on Dave and Steve Holder's superb little 'ROBOT SHORTS' book. That's Steve's artwork there on the cover, but the rest is my doing... it was fun making it resemble a Haynes manual. The book should be out very soon and it's well worth your time and money.

I've done a little pinup in it, again ably assisted by the superb Steve Howard which I'll post up soon.

Very early days yet but I'm working on a new project with the multi-talented Mo Ali, this will be quite a departure for me and a challenge too. My comics work has been very thin on the ground this year so I'm hoping this might help kickstart me into wanted to carry on. Like I said, it's early days yet but I'm very hopeful and excited.