Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas already!? Where has the year gone??

Been a while since I've blogged mainly because I haven't done very much lately!

I haven't drawn anything since I completed my pinup for Dave and Steve's 'Robot Shorts' book (excerpt seen above, greytones again by the esteemed Mr Steve Howard) and it made me realise I've hardly drawn much in the way of comics this year.

I'm planning on getting back to it next year though and hope to start my new book with Mo Ali as early as January if all goes to plan. I will be very rusty so I do expect plenty of cursing, erasing and redrawn pages!

Where does this leave the last Wolfmen book? In limbo for a while sadly. If all goes to plan I'll get to that after I've done the book with Mo. if not to plan? I'll probably get another artist in the complete it. Will see what happens.

Early next year will mean that 'Robot Short's and '2ombies' will go to print and I'll also be designing Stacey Whittle's 'Into the Woods: A fairytale anthology' which looks a fab book.

So I'll be very busy as usual :-)

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