Monday, 19 December 2011

Into the Woods: A Fairytale Anthology

Into the Woods: A Fairytale Anthology is the next book I'm going to be designing for Stacey Whittle. You can see my logo for the book above.

Stacey is part of the Small Press Big Mouth team and is a real advocate of small press and indy books in the UK. Putting a book like this together on your own with little experience of print can be very daunting so I offered my services to Stacey to handle all the design, pre-press and production of the book (the same work I do for Accent UK).

I've got a piece of art in the book that I did a little while ago (that the lovely Steve Howard coloured for me and he did a cracking job as always) and Stacey has since chosen that to be the cover for the book, which I'm really chuffed about!

There are some really talented folk contributing to this book, and the pages I've seen all look superb and I've no doubt it's going to come out great, the rundown of the book goes like this:

• Alexi Conman and Conor Boyle: 'Changeling'
• Nic Papaconstantinou, Bevis Musson and Filip Roncone: 'Amber And The Egg'
• Richard McAuliffe and Sara Dunkerton: 'Red Riding Hood'
• Scott Harrison, Lee Grice and Filip Roncone: 'The Madness Of The Sea'
• Daniel Clifford, David Wynne and Ian Sharman: 'The Black Shoes'
• Lee Robson, Simon Wyatt and Filip Roncone: 'The Lang Pack'
• Ollie Masters and Valia Kapadai: 'Time For A Change'

The back cover is by Vicky Stonebridge and there's a pinup inside by Graeme Howard too.

The book will launch at the Cardiff International Comics Expo in February 2012.

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Dave West said...

Looks like a great line up of talent ... I'll be getting a copy.