Friday, 3 February 2012

Sketches & stuff...

Here are a few bits and bobs to show I'm still alive.

First is a cover image done for Stuart Gould at UKComics (who do a fab job printing all Accent UK's comics and help promote and support UK independent comics) for his 'UKComics' magazine. Steve Howard stepped in at the last minute to colour it, as it was very much a rush job for me. Still it came out ok, and is really the first 'proper' drawing I've done for months.

Next up a quick lunchtime sketch of the 'Doctor Diablo' character I drew for the 'Robots' anthology. This strip was written by John Reppion and Leah Moore and is the favourite of all the anthology stories I've done. I've love to do another one with John and Leah one day.

Last is a character I created with a friend when I was very little. I suddenly remembered him the other day so I quickly re-designed him today and did a quick pic. Just for fun really.

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Dave West said...

All great stuff ...