Monday, 12 March 2012

WesterNoir cover revealed!

As Gary has now shown the cover to the upcoming Accent UK comic 'WesterNoir' I thought I'd post it here too, and a very lovely thing it is too.

All I did here was add some basic colours (we didn't want it overly rendered) and the text and design elements and was very happy with the end result. Dave and Gary are busy finalising the script and lettering for it, and then I'll take over and add the other bits and pieces that need completing. It's a great project that I'm chuffed to be part of.

Look for more on 'WesterNoir' soon!


Ruler of the Simpire said...

Hi Andy,

Great artwork my friend!
I like muchos what I see here.

Can we talk some business? I need great artwork for my plans.
Please contact me on:

Take care,
Luc of KDA

Steve Howard said...
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Steve Howard said...

the cover came out great mate :)