Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WesterNoir and more!

Although I haven't done much art lately I have been pretty busy putting the first issue of WesterNoir together. Dave's script is superb and sets the scene for more stories set in this world and Gary's art is seriously top-notch (just wait until you see it!!).

It's a full collaboration and I'm happy to have been asked to keep involved in it. We all met up last Friday for a beer and a chat to discuss future stories and geek out about all things comic related. I was a bit tired that day after coming back from Blackpool (reasons below).

For those of you that didn't know, my boys have been filming a big ITV drama to air later this years called 'Mrs Biggs'. It stars Sheridan Smith and Daniel Mays. The Blackpool day was the final day the boys were needed as the rest of the cast and crew have now gone to Australia for 2 months to complete the filming (alright for some!).

It's been a wonderful experience, and for someone like me who loves film and tv, going behind the scenes and seeing it all come together has been a real eye-opener. The stars and all the crew have been lovely and made us all feel very welcome. Special mention must go to Sheridan and Daniel who were warm, friendly and always approachable. Nothing was too much for them and they took a real shine to the boys, who I know will miss them.

Can't wait to see in on tv now.

Work progresses on 'Midnight Man' the book Mo Ali and I are doing. The script is wonderful, and quite unlike anything else I've read or attempted to draw. It's very challenging and I'm not sure I have the skill to pull it off but I'll give it a try. I'm currently doing the layouts for it, which I do find the most time-consuming aspect of creating comics and I hope to have that done this week. I've also made a start doing this for Wolfmen 3 as well so I can jump between both books to keep it all fresh.

When all this will be actually started remains to be seen as I will be moving house in the next couple of months so my time will be spent packing then decorating and getting totally stressed!! I'm hoping to be able to get some work done though, even with all that going on.

Busy times for sure.

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