Friday, 18 May 2012

2OMBIES launch at KaPow!

Been a bit quiet lately, mainly because I haven't been up to much!

2OMBIES (or Zombies 2 if you prefer) gets its long awaited launch at the KaPow! con this weekend (19th & 20th May) I won't be there sadly as I will be busy packing up boxes ready for my house move at the end of the month. The fun never stops!

WesterNoir was very well received at the Mocca Con in NYC that Dave, Colin and Scott went to, and the same should happen for its UK launch again at the KaPow con. I went to an editorial meeting - lunch - drink last week with Dave, Colin and Gary and the ideas were in full flow (much like the beer!) for upcoming issues. It really is a special project to me and I couldn't be happier seeing it all develop and grow.

Robot Shorts had a couple of excellent reviews from Comic Heroes and SFX! The production and design of the book was mentioned, and as that was the bit I did, it really is great to see stuff like that mentioned as so often it can get overlooked.

Myself, I'm trying to get the drawing muscles going again, which is proving very hard... I'm hoping once the house move is done and dusted and things have settled down, I might be a bit more relaxed about it all, as it stands I'm finding it very frustrating and I do wonder if it's worth the effort sometimes.

I'll sign off now, best of luck to the guys for the con this weekend!!


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