Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sneak Peek!!

Just a little peak at some finished inks for a page of Midnight Man.

Work is progressing slowly on this, have to take a break as I've a busy week coming up:

• 2 story pages and cover/logo/book design for Jason Cobley's Amnesia Agents anthology
• A pinup for the incredibly good 'Porcelain' by Benjamin Read and Christian Wildgoose

Seriously, just check out the preview at the Improper Books site here and let your jaw drop!

Also putting the final touches for my second-to-last book for Accent UK: 'Missing: Have You Seen The Invisible Man?' then that's off to print and will debut at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds, along with the aforementioned 'Porcelain' and also Accent UK's concept anthology 'Who on Earth was Thaddeus Mist' All books come highly recommended.