Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cartoons and covers...

About time I added something to this blog, when I'm a bit more progressed with Midnight Man I'll show some more art and stuff but in the meantime here's a recent cartoon character I designed.

'Silica Sam' was done for one of my old school friends for her business (minerals, sand that kind of thing). They wanted a jolly, slightly rotund fellow giving a cheeky 'thumbs up'. Seeing as they were all delighted with the finished artwork I have a feeling I succeeded.

I mentioned Jason Cobley's 'Amnesia Agents' before on my blog. It debuted at last weekends Thought Bubble convention, well this was the cover design I did for the book. The artwork was done by Jim Cameron and I went for a very simple and clean look for the typography and design. I was pleased with the final look and I also provided a page of artwork in the book as well.