Monday, 8 July 2013

Thunderbirds are go!!

I'm not sure anyone actually reads this blog anymore, but if they do well here's something new-ish.

I grew up on the late Gerry Anderson's fantastic programmes, and still love them today. It gave me a real thrill to introduce my boys to Thunderbirds, and sure enough they love it. Had a job and a half getting them some of the toys for Christmas, and also managed to get them a Tracy island set for their recent 5th birthday too, the things parents do eh?

For a bit of fun I decided to do Thunderbirds themed cards for their birthday as well - and had great fun doing them.

I've posted them here and am quite pleased with them :-)


Gary Crutchley said...

Where did you get a Tracey Island from...and are you introducing them to the rest of the Anderson awesomeness?

Andy Bloor said...

It was from ebay :-) When they're a bit older I'll show them some of the other stuff, at the moment Thunderbirds is nice and safe for them to watch.