Monday, 20 January 2014

Not dead yet!

It's been very quiet on here lately, partly due to lack of anything to show or report on really!

A new year means a fresh start, and I've gone though some soul-searching lately and the result being I'm not sure what the future holds for Midnight Man, the book Mo Ali and are I doing.

I want the book to happen, mainly because the story Mo wrote is a cracker, I just feel the work I've done on it is really not up to scratch, and seeing the incredible work of others online, by twitter, deviantart etc it makes me wonder whether I can offer the comic scene anything these days.

A possibility is to get another artist (or artists) to help complete the book which we are looking at - so all is not lost just yet. I'm hopeful of making an announcement on that very soon.

We have been experimenting though with colouring up some of the pages, and being an all round talented individual, Mo himself has had a go at splashing some hues on one of my probably-hard-to-colour-pages and the results have blown me away, so I'm showing a page of that here.

In other news, design work has been completed on book 4 of Accent UK's supernatural western thriller series 'WesterNoir' and it's the best one yet I think. That will be winging it's way to the printers very soon in time for DemonCon (which is mid February I think).

Hopefully the next update won't take quite as long!

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