Monday, 16 November 2015


Just got back from a fab (but tiring) Thought Bubble convention (full report on that later in the week) but just wanted to post the news that 'Andy-Thology' came back from the printers in good time and made its debut at the show.

Rich Hardiman at Comic Printing UK has done a fantastic job on the book, so much so that I had a lot of comments enquiring as to who printed it!

If you want a copy, it's now up for sale on my online shop

Thursday, 5 November 2015

ANDY-THOLOGY debuts at Thought Bubble 2015!!

Providing no last minute hiccups (like last year) my anthology book Andy-Thology- will make its debut at Thought Bubble.

Book is now in the hands of Rich Hardiman at Comic Printing UK (who did such a good job of my Midnight Man reprint), new banner & posters on the way. Almost there, just a few more bits to do yet.

The book features reprints some of my most favorite short stories (all re-lettered) that I've done over the years, plus a couple of new strips, along with some pinup and cover art too.

The book's contents is as follows:

'Zombies' by Kieron Gillen
'The Cabinet of Doctor Diablo' by John Reppion & Leah Moore
'Robot' By Kieron Gillen
'The Men Who Built The West' by Kieron Gillen
'Skin Deep' by Mo Ali
'Diablo Undone' (new) by John Reppion & Leah Moore
'Midnight Man: Stitch'n Time' (new) by Mo Ali

I'm very lucky to have an introduction written By Kieron Gillen, and also an afterword by John Reppion too. I'm very happy with how the book looks and can't wait to see printed copies.

Also, my good friend Vince Hunt (creator of the fabulous 'Red Mask from Mars') have collaborated on a special print that is exclusive to Thought Bubble (see above). We've also something else special planned too regarding that artwork, more on that very soon.

You can catch me in New Dock Hall, table 129 on the 14/15 November, see you there where I'll have copies of Andy-Thology, Midnight Man (regular books and limited sketchpacks), prints and original artwork. See you there.