Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Next con: Birmingham Comics Festival!

Welcome back to my sadly neglected blog!

Busy as ever behind the scenes, with some news I hope to share soon about my upcoming projects.

In the meantime, this Saturday I will be exhibiting at the Birmingham Comics Festival. First time I will have done this con as I was on holiday last year when it was on.

I will be selling my usual wares, copies of Midnight Man (now onto the 3rd printing!) plus the limited sketchpacks (which include the book, badge, A5 mini-print and an original sketched card), copies of Andy-Thology, prints and artwork.

My good friend and comics/film enthusiast John will be with me to help lend a hand on the day, which is always good!

I've booked more cons for later in the year as well, so far I'm doing:

Cardiff Independent Comic Con, Cardiff - Saturday June 25th
ICE, Birmingham, Saturday 10th September
Nottingham Comic Con, Nottingham - Saturday 29th October

Sadly I didn't get a table for Thought Bubble, although I've kindly been offered to table share with a comic professional (super nice bloke) but I'm still hoping I get something on the reserve list. Hopefully will have news on that later in the year.

A few other cons I'm looking at too, Bristol is a firm possibility, just looking into it.

Mo (Ali, co-creator of Midnight Man) and I have had some more great feedback on the book too from some unexpected people. Hopefully we can share more on that soon too. That book just continues to find more fans, which we couldn't be happier about.