Monday, 8 August 2016

End of an era...

It's about time I actually posted something on my blog. I need to do a review of the recent Cardiff Con I went to, I will get that posted later this week.

In the meantime, I have decided to leave my position as designer for Accent UK.

I've been with the guys at Accent for nearly 10yrs (well, as of next year it will be the 10yr anniversary of the publication of Zombies and The Wolfmen, the first books we did together) we did a couple of short strips for their earlier anthologies (Twelve and Monsters) but it was with those books that I took over the design fully, and also did the artwork on Wolfmen, the first 'proper' comic that Accent did.

Over the years I firmly believe we raised the bar with regards small press/indie comics, elevating them as close as we could to a professional level.

I'd like to think I've left behind a very solid body of work, with the designs I did for 'Robot Shorts', 'WesterNoir' (which I co-created) and 'Stephenson's Robot' being among my favourites. And the fact that many reviews mentioned my design work is very rewarding indeed, and shows that good design (in comics) is not overlooked.

I'm sure the future of Accent is in good hands, and I will be as keen as anyone to see their new endeavors, I'm sure elements of my designs for them will live on.


Unknown said...

Nice one Andy well done. Onwards and upwards.

Colin M said...

Best wishes Andy, (sorry I'm just back from holiday), but yep time has flown since Zombies & Wolfmen first made their debut and your design work did help to raise the bar to blur those lines between indie & mainstream comics, and is still remarked upon today.

Thanks therefore for all your work and contributions and good luck with all your creative endeavours :)

Andy Bloor said...

Thanks Craig, and Cheers Colin!