Thursday, 15 September 2016

ICE Comic Con report

Well, it's been a while since my last update so better late than never I thought it about time I did actually update my blog!

This last Saturday I headed off to Birmingham for my second ICE comic con, once again organised by Shane Chebsey and featured a fabulous guest list, with numerous pros and small press creators alike.

This time I pre-booked my car park so not to be startled by the £20 parking fee I paid last year (this was a more reasonable £4.50!) and with the aid of the sat-nav I found the car park easily and no sooner had I parked up than I saw a familiar face park next to me.

Fantastic artist and all-round nice guy, Chris Imber (you simply must check out his Operation:Boom and Last Sheriff books) arrived about the same time as me, and luckily he knew the way to the venue so it was a stroke of luck we all met at that time and walked there together (which stopped me from no doubt getting lost like last year!).

Setup was easy and I unpacked my new banner (see above) and books and waiting for the show to start.

All in all it was a good con, very busy and I had lots of interest in my books (and artwork) not all of it translated to sales (most did) but I had a good day, didn't sell as much as I liked but did better than the last few cons I did. Met some lovely people, some who even came back to buy books like they said they would... a rarity!

I did manage to get away from my table to meet legendary British comics creators, Simon Furman and Geoff Senior (who many out there will remember from 80's Transformers Comics, Death's Head and of course, Dragon's Claws) and it was my collection of Dragon's Claws comics I had them sign. Made my day that it has to be said, even though Geoff looked though an issue with the look of someone who really didn't remember drawing it! :-)

Had a good chat in the pub afterwards with Chris and the Bretheren Born guys, and then it was time to drive home. On reflection, a good day, about as well as I expected listening to how others did but there's that nagging element that there's simply too much competition (not necessarily a bad thing), too many cons out there vying for buyers money. It's certainly not getting any easier out there, and being a guy on his own, I am wondering whether it's worth all the effort and expense in continuing.

Nottingham Comic Con next month, my last of the year having been unsuccessful in getting a table for Thought Bubble this year (which I'm still sad about) I hear good things about Nottingham, so I'm hoping for a good day and one that might just give me the nudge I need to to carry on.

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